An Austin Newborn Photographer’s Nursery Decorating Tips

Decorating the nursery is one of the sweetest tasks when preparing for baby, however it can get a little overwhelming if you don’t have a clear vision in mind. I recommend starting with the basics and then adding in elements that greater reflect your style.

When I photograph Newborn sessions in the nursery I am always looking at the details and looking for the light. Details can be as simple as the books you’ve chosen to style on the floating bookshelves to as timeless as the heirloom rattle nestled next to a pair of your grandma’s baby shoes. 

When I look for light, most often I gravitate towards the windows and lightly colored spaces. Neutral colors from wall paint and fabrics reflect the most light and will help ensure pictures of your nursery during your Newborn session are literally filled with light. White black out curtains (yes, they exist!) work wonderfully here. Now if you paint your nursery dark green with a camping theme, I want you to know it will still be a beautiful nursery and precious images can still be captured there, but the coloring of your photographs would turn out differently if your walls were a different color. 

In terms of “investment pieces,” the items that will hopefully last the duration of your nursery years, the crib, and rocking chair, will also hold the heart of your nursery, your little one. Ensuring comfort with both is a must. Some of my favorite photographs to take during a Newborn session are of baby being held in the rocking chair and looked after adoringly in his crib. One thing to add though is that bumpers and stuffed animals make for adorable pictures, they are not recommended to be used while baby is in the crib. 

In a nutshell I recommend starting with the crib and rocking chair, then dresser, floating bookshelves, and finally add your personal touches to the curtains, wall art, books, rug, and stuffed animals. If you’re wanting a light filled Newborn session in the nursery, I recommend incorporating a neutral color palette throughout these elements.

I hope this information was helpful! You can always contact me with any questions and learn more about my offerings. If you’re interested in having timeless photographs throughout baby’s first year captured then The Milestone Collection is a perfect fit for you!

As an Austin Newborn photographer Sabrina Reagan also specializes in Motherhood and Family Photography. She captures legacies and creates heirlooms.


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