How to Prepare Your Children for a Portrait Session: Austin Photographer

Every Momma knows that there are just days that nothing goes according to plan and an extra cup of coffee or a strong cup of Earl Grey, and equal amounts of grace is how you made it to bedtime. Other times, it can feel like you just had the best day. The trials and joys of motherhood are endless. You also know firsthand how fast time passes and you just want pictures to capture this sweet season. Keep reading to learn my tried and true tips as a Momma and Motherhood photographer to ensure you leave your session with photographs you will want to frame and what to expect. 

As a Momma, former educator, and Motherhood photographer I’ve learned these key principles when it comes to preparing for a session with littles:

Let them Play

1. Kids need outside time to be able to function properly. If you haven’t let your little one play outside during the day before your session you can 100% expect that he/she will want to run around, explore, and collect things-rocks, leaves, Rollie Pollies, you name it! These moments actually make for great pictures that capture your little one’s boisterous and curious spirit, AND can be a saving grace when your little one will not cooperate and needs something to focus on that will make him/her happy. I encourage kiddos to have ample outside time before your session because every kiddo needs recess daily and will help with high energy levels, but if that won’t work with your schedule, just know, it will make for precious pictures that I will be sure to capture. 

Snack Break

2. Kids need snacks. It never fails that someone is hungry, or cranky because they’re hungry. Taking a quick snack break if needed can change a little one’s attitude almost instantly! I encourage bringing a favorite snack to your session as an incentive as well! I always have extra snacks on hand if you forget yours!


3. Kids have a limited amount of time that they are interested in something; this is true for adults as well. This simply means your little one will only want to smile at the camera for so long before he/she gets distracted. Bringing a favorite stuffed animal that you don’t mind being in photographs or a simple wooden toy to play with will not only make the session more fun for your little one, but also be a great reminder of how much fun taking pictures can be! As your photographer I have many poses that will keep your kiddos moving around and engaged!

Candid Photographs

4. Kids will be kids! Sometimes no matter what you do, kids will not cooperate. I’m here to tell you it’s okay, and it’s real life! These are times when pictures of you walking away from the camera, picking flowers, skipping rocks, telling a joke, or tickling your little one will happen! 

Be Prepared for Anything

5. As a Momma I want to tell you to expect that anything can happen and as a Motherhood photographer I want to assure you that I am prepared and ready to handle whatever your session may bring with tricks up my sleeve!

I hope you found this information helpful and that it not only prepares you for a session with little ones, but gives you peace of mind when you book a session with me. I look forward to capturing this sweet season for you!

As an Austin Newborn photographer Sabrina Reagan also specializes in Maternity and Family Photography. She captures legacies and creates heirlooms.


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