Fresh 48 Session Hospital Packing List for Timless Portraits

Packing the hospital bag for your Fresh 48 Session can feel overwhelming. While parents love seeing their newborn baby wrapped in the candy-stripped blanket and wearing the pink and blue hat they also dream of seeing their newborn wear a few special pieces they collected during the pregnancy. I want you to treasure every moment as you delicately fold those special pieces and envision what baby will look like in them, so I’ve curated a packing list to help you have peace of mind as baby’s arrival approaches.

Wardrobe Items For Baby

A bespoke blanket is the first item I recommend packing, then a woven outfit with a bonnet, bow, or hat (options in blue and pink). Some parents prefer woven separates and I find that a white top and bottom (options for a blue top and bottom and a pink top and bottom) photograph beautifully. Last, I would pack booties or socks. When searching for baby’s items I recommend using a neutral color palette and soft fabrics.

Fresh 48 Session Hospital Outfit

Fresh 48 Outfit Inspiration For Momma

Comfort and nursing capability are a must when sourcing items for Momma. I recommend pairing a long neutral colored sweater with a dress or robe. If packing a robe a nursing camisole is essential. (Hair tools such as dry shampoo, a hair brush, hair dryer, and curling iron, and a makeup bag, and nail polish for touch ups also help Momma feel refreshed from home to the hospital.)

In essence, packing for your Fresh 48 Session may be more minimal than you originally thought! One outfit for baby and one outfit for Momma are all you need.

I hope you find this packing list for your Fresh 48 Session helpful! I strive to serve my clients with excellence in all areas and why I have carefully curated the SRP experience with my clients in mind. You can learn more about my offerings on my website here.

As an Austin Newborn photographer Sabrina Reagan also specializes in Maternity and Family Photography. She captures legacies and creates heirlooms.


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