Colorful Austin Newborn Session

During our consultation when Melody had mentioned that the master bedroom had orange walls I did not imagine how beautiful it would photograph. From a baby blue nursery to a soft orange accent wall in the master bedroom, this Austin newborn session is filled with color, ornate Turkish rugs, and warmth.

The dress that Melody chose from my Client Closet truly complimented her and added the perfect touch with blue florals.

Below are a handful of my favorite photographs from their gorgeous session.

Baby blue nursery with sloth stuffed animal in rocking chair.
Baby blue nursery with dresser and changing pad.
Nursery decor of crib and plant.
Nursery wall decor of floating bookshelves.
Large stuffed animal sloth sits in beige rocking chair.
Mom smiles at newborn as she holds him in nursery rocking chair.
Mom smiles as she puts her newborn in his crib.
Parents admire their newborn in master bedroom with orange walls and dog on bed.
Husband gently kisses his wife on the head as she is holding their newborn baby.
Mom smiles at camera while holding her newborn on her shoulder in orange room.
Mom smiles adoringly at her newborn in her arms.
Mom leans over newborn baby and kisses his head as he sleeps on the bed.
Parents adore their newborn in master bedroom with orange walls.
Husband gently kisses wife on the head while holding their baby and sitting on their bed.

As an Austin Newborn photographer Sabrina Reagan also specializes in Maternity and Family Photography. She captures legacies and creates heirlooms. Inquire to learn more.


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