When to Schedule a Family Session In Austin

If your kids are anything like mine you’ll hear quite a lot of “Remember when I was 3 and then I…” and, “Remember when I was little…” and, “Remember when…” start to questions and stories. I naturally gravitate to nodding my head and saying “Mmhmm.” Sometimes though, “No, that’s not quite right” is said too. But my favorite way to answer these questions and stories is with pictures. “Yes, here you are…”

One thing I don’t ever want my children to need clarity about is how much I loved them. I want to be able to not only tell them, but show them.

This reason alone is my heart behind recommending family sessions at least once a year.

My best advice is to have photos taken in the Spring and Fall when the weather and lighting is more ideal. In Austin Spring is easy, spring = bluebonnets and wildflowers. Not only is this a beautiful tradition, but convenient to know when to schedule them! October is a beautiful month and gives us southerners hope with ever-changing weather and colors.

For families with younger children, especially under one year of age, I highly recommend The Milestone Collection to capture every nuance of change before baby’s big birthday!

I hope this information is helpful to you and that you start a new family tradition, or carry one on from when you were a child!

Toddler sits on blanket in bluebonnet field picking a bluebonnet apart.


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