Why You Should Display Your Photographs

I love helping my clients print their photographs and have tangible heirloom quality artwork in their hands. When you print and display your photographs around your home your family’s story is shared and studies have found that this has a positive impact on your children.

Printing and displaying your photographs gives children a sense of belonging and identity, security and comfort, and positive memories and emotional expression.

Sense of Belonging and Identity

Children can have a stronger emotional bond with their family and increased self-esteem by seeing printed photographs with their family members. Photographs also help reinforce children’s connection to their immediate and extended family members.

Security and Comfort

By having visual reminders of belonging and identity in their home, such as printed photographs, children feel safe and protected and see family photographs as comforting.

Positive Memories and Emotional Expression

Family photographs capture positive memories and emotions and when children see these regularly it can encourage them to express their emotions more openly.

Mom smiles at her newborn son.

As an Austin Newborn photographer Sabrina Reagan also specializes in Maternity and Family Photography. She captures legacies and creates heirlooms. Inquire to learn more.


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